Top Fitness Trends to get you fit by Summer!

Getting in shape in 2018 can be a chore! Putting it off can make the struggle real.
But stick to it and you'll start to see your fitness goals realized.
If summer bodies are made during the now -with Spring  right around the corner, it's time to start now!

Walking at least 30 minutes a day, gradually incorporate a  jog.

 As you get stronger, think of  trying TRX training or light weight training for muscle tone.

Include  YogaPiYo or Pilates class for better flexibility. These workouts are geared to help your breathing and relaxation and can be done a day after weights training.

As you get stronger, two of the top fitness trends to help increase your endurance and stamina.

Get ready to sweat!

H.I.T.T. also know as High Intensity Interval Training.
Super time efficient as you burn fat in a shorter workout. Quick fast speed 15- 20 section sets with 5 section recovery between.

Working out with friends or a small group class - has grown to be a bigger trend because it helps keep you accountable and energized.  Group workouts help makes the time go by faster as fitness goals are shared with a team a people.

Whatever workout you choose, keep track of your workout progress to keep you motivated.  The top wearable fitness trackers include the fitbit, tracks your heart rate, walking distances and sleep.