The High Life & Other Spring flings

One of the of greatest pleasures of having an open schedule in New York City on a Friday evening as Spring is shaping and the layers of clothes are lighter, is taking a walk West toward the Hudson River, from the East side of town.
Tonight, after work, instead of going shopping, instead of happy hour drinks or heading straight to the subway, I walked from 13 th Street & Fifth Avenue to The Meatpacking District. This is the extremely gentrified, utterly chic, Celebrity sited neighborhood that start on 8th Avenue and 14th Street, goes a few block south before Greenwich Village starts. But most importantly, on this sunset moment is that The Meatpacking District touches part the Hudson River and has a elevated city park named the Highline, that once, long ago in the1980s, were train tracks.
This rather famous neighborhood is home to The Apple Store, Diane Von Furstenberg and The original Gansorvoort Hotel and a various haute shopping to chic for words. Now these train tracks rise above the noise and shops and provides not only sunset views, it gives you a respite high above the City to enjoy the River quietly thawing from the Winter's Vortex.
It seems that I was given a more than usually peaceful green space tonight as the Park with its Art installations and baby Burch tree budding with fresh life, quietly soothe the work week off my mind, and allowed fresh warm Spring breeze to come in vantage point. This should be a tradition, because it's a most naturally relaxing way to start your weekend.