Making a decision is a Total call to Action.

“Hey – somebody has to write all those stories: why not me?” - Elizabeth Gilbert on writing. A thought entered my mind today, what if Angels await us as we procrastinate on our Goals? What a sad, horrible waste of Divine time. Just imagine, this Angel, who is the quarterback to aid you in realizing your dreams, goals and ambitions, but first you MUST make the first move, Action is needed. Definitively moving towards your goals and not simply dreaming of them, deciding. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: "Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen". The Universe. Conspires. Really? Yes!
Lets break down this formidable quote, starting with: "Once". Once starts every story. " Once upon a time..." Not: "Perhaps One Day..." Once, not If, not when, not maybe, rather ONCE. Again it's that Angel's request " As soon as (ONCE) you make your leap of Faith (DECISION) , I got you (I'LL CONSPIRE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN)". Live your Dreams Thus, I make move and that's it? I don't have to work? Fairy Angels will lead me straight to the finish line? Not quite. We all know that making that first move IS the Hardest part of Goal. 90% is showing up to make your move. 10% is the sweat of perseverance. Now, what I truly believe is the tenacity of The Universe (Divine Intervention) is to Conspire to make this happen, to give you, throw favors your way. Like your own personal "Hook me ups." To Conspire is to basically line up situations, things, people for a Big event to occur. The Conspirators do everything & anything possible to help in the fruition of this Big Event.
To Conspire is not just to plan, but to seamlessly Orchestrate with military like precision. So in the end, making a decision is a total call to Action.